EZ Towers – Torre A is one of the most sustainable buildings in Latin America

EZ Towers – Torre A, a São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações property located on Avenida Chucri Zaidan, in São Paulo, was awarded LEED O+M Platinum certification and became the first multi-user corporate building to receive this level of recognition in Latin America.

The building is highly efficient in the use of resources. For example, its energy consumption is 25% lower than that of new buildings with the same characteristics, making it one of the most efficient buildings in Brazil. Users report energy savings of between 30% and 40%. As for water consumption, EZ Towers – Torre A is up to 40% more efficient than the average for the other properties monitored by CTE – Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações, the company responsible for providing sustainability consulting and granting the property’s LEED certification. In addition, more than 60% of the solid waste generated by the building is sent for recycling, substantially reducing the volume of landfill waste.

These results were obtained thanks to the ongoing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process, which began in the building design and extended to its the occupation, allowing the embedded technology to produce the expected results.

LEED assesses the environmental impacts caused by buildings worldwide and recognizes those with best practices in building construction and maintenance. Present in more than 160 countries, LEED is the main platform used to certify so-called green buildings. Its O+M certification refers to operations and maintenance of existing properties.

In order to receive a LEED O + M seal, buildings are evaluated and receive a score of 0 to 110 in eight different categories that evaluate aspects including water and energy use efficiency, quality of the internal environment and innovation in operations, among others. According to their score, buildings are classified as “certified” (40 to 49 points), “silver” (50 to 59 points), “gold” (60 to 79 points) and “platinum” (over 80 points). EZ Towers – Torre A has received the highest level of certification, i.e. platinum.

At the beginning of May, EZ Towers – Torre A had already received another international recognition: the Prix d‘Excellence Prize in the Offices category from the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), which includes over 60 countries. A panel of experts chose the property after evaluating different aspects, including architectural design, marketing and facility management. The building also has LEED Core & Shell Gold certification and the guiaderodas seal, which identifies properties with a high level of accessibility.

For more information, access here the profile of EZ Towers – Tower A in the “Properties” section of our website.

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