Flex Office

In addition to the traditional lease format that São Carlos has been offering the market for over 20 years, there is now
one more option to meet customer needs: Flex Office – innovation combined with tradition.

We make the experience of selecting, designing, renovating and occupying corporate spaces better and easier, through the
Flex Office. Just choose the address and enter the number of positions, we will take care of the rest. From test fit to
the execution of works to adapt the space to meet customer needs – all included in a single monthly payment slip. And,
if the client prefers not to worry about the facilities services in his office, we can also take responsibility for
cleaning and maintaining the private space. Finally, we offer all the flexibility and security so that the customer can
only worry about his business.

There are two types of Flex Office:


Private office, furnished and customized for the


Private office, furnished and customized for the
client, including services necessary for your day by day.

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